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Taylor swift you belong to me

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  • Free How to Play Seven Hand Poker Guide

    Before reading the rules of playing seven hand poker, please make sure to get read this tiny glossary: Ante: The chips placed in the pot before the game starts. In Hold'em games you know them as "blinds". The ante ensures the pot for the player with the winning hand.

    Hole Cards: The first two cards placed face-down when dealt at the start of a game. The remaining cards are dealt face up and have the name of "streets".

    Bring-in: It is a forced bet that is made by a single player at the start of a stud game - usually the one that to hold the lowest face up cards.

    3rd Street: The first betting round: all players have been dealt three cards. In Seven Card Stud, whoever is holding the card is responsible for the bring-in bet.

    4th Street: The second betting round: each player holds a total of four cards. At this stage players have an option to check, raise, call or fold. The next round usually begins with the player who has the best hand.

    5th Street: The third betting round; all the remaining players have a total of five cards. Bet limits go to the highest point during at this stage. The next betting round begins with the player who holds the highest-ranking hand.

    6th Street: The fourth betting round: remaining players have six cards. As usual the next (final) betting round is started by the player with the highest ranking hand.

    7th Street: The fifth and final round of bets.

    Ok, now go the game rules…

    This game has a maximum of 8 players (and plus the virtual dealer). In 7 card stud game there are no "community" cards. Each player has individual hand and in fixed limit games. There are two bet limits.

    The first two cards (called hole cards) are dealt face down so that other players don't see them. The next cards are called Streets; they are dealt face up. The last card (called the River) is dealt face down.

    At the beginnging of the round players place Antes. This is a fraction of the low bet limit (it has the same purpose as the Blinds in Hold'em games).

    After the 3rd Street the player with the lowest face-up card starts the betting. When two players have the cards of the same value, the order is determined by their suits. The suit order descends from Spades to Hearts to Diamonds to Clubs.

    The starting player has an option of placing a complete bet or placing a Bring-In. Bring-In is smaller than the complete bet, and the player only needs to add the difference if the bet is completed and this player decides to call. Other can choose from calling, completing the bet or raising.

    After the bets are placed goes the 4th Street. The player with the highest card or combination shown starts the betting (no Bring-Ins). At this stage, any player can bet at the high limit, which will be applied to all subsequent bets.

    The same cycle is used for the 5th and 6th Streets, and the River, with the only exception that the high limit is now applied regardless of whether it was used for the 4 th Street or not. Once the River bets have been placed, the highest five-card poker hand is formed from each player's cards. The highest ranking hand wins.


    If you decided to download 7 hand poker game - you can do it here. In the top menu choose How to Play and in its dropdown menu - Poker Games Available. (source from : freeonlinepokerinfo)


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